Antibacterial Porcelain Tile

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are UNDEFASA’s range of bacteria-free products, suitable both indoors and outdoors, which block bacteria and prevent its proliferation on surfaces.

Safe materials for safe spaces.



Perfect solution for all types of spaces

Ensuring consistent protection even in complete darkness, they’re the perfect solution for all types of spaces: residential housing, terraces, public spaces, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, industry and more.

24-hour surface protection

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are 99% effective against bacterial agents.

The antibacterial nanoparticles embedded in the ceramic glaze provide active lifelong protection.


Antibacterial nanoparticles integrated into the enamel provide the parts with active protection throughout the life of the product.

Colecciones Immune

Feel the protection of our materials with our Antibacterial Collections.

New materials that surprise with their aesthetics and convince with their high technical performance.

Antibacterial Collections

Granito Dellé Alpi is a collection with a strong personality, ideal for accentuating the prominence of floors and walls. The finish of this material will be the differentiating element of the space; a sophisticated piece in grey and beige colours on which it is easy to integrate neutral furniture.

Alpi Collection

The CROSSCUT collection aims to exalt the natural relief of travertine stone while taking the utmost care with its graphic design. Its wide variety of formats, its anti-slip characteristics and its antibacterial properties make this collection the perfect solution for all types of rooms, both indoors and outdoors.

Crosscut Collection
Pietra di Gré

The Pietra di Gré collection is presented as a series with a compact appearance with large edges inlaid in graphics accompanied by relief to give an authentic stone appearance. Its characteristics make it perfect for all types of projects, blurring the boundaries of spaces and achieving a continuity worthy of large architectural projects.

Pietra di gre Collection

There are many decorative styles that suggest wood as a base. The ARENDAL collection is based on the Scandinavian style to seek the sobriety and functionality that reflects this noble material. With 4 different colours, anti-bacterial and anti-slip properties, this series takes care of both form and function.

Arendal Collection
Bali Stone

Bali Stone is Undefasa’s new collection with antibacterial properties designed for outdoor spaces.

Bali Stone Collection