Ceramicists since 1967

We are a family-run business that was established in the heat of the Sierra, and since then Undefasa has made its mark at the heart of Spain’s thriving ceramics industry.

Over the years, we have cemented our position with the firm belief that each of our products truly reflects the tradition and passion of well-crafted ceramics. These values have been shaped by our long history, experience, hard work and dedication.

Passion for ceramics

To transmit our passion for ceramics to our customers, through unique products, which provide the habitat with safety values due to their quality and differentiation. Versatile and excellent products in terms of their design that remain durable and unalterable over time, both for their style and the resistance of their materials.


We hold firm to our values of tradition and passion for ceramics, which are reflected in each of our products.

Corporate culture

At Undefasa, the human factor is fundamental to our corporate culture. We firmly believe that only by creating a strong culture can we generate lasting value over time, building on and enhancing the experience of the past.

The concepts of design and innovation thus take on a more significant value as they coexist with the company’s memory and heritage.

Striving for excellence

We work with an integrated management system based on continuous improvement in all phases of the production process, from conception and design to the distribution and sale of our materials.

In constant evolution...

As a family-owned company, we have undergone a process of constant evolution and adaptation as we have faced the changing environment. Throughout our history, we have learned to respond flexibly to challenges, always striving for excellence.

Mission & Values

A company rooted in the past and looking to the future.We strive to meet the expectations of consumers and their current demands through the generation of new ideas, innovation and design.

Our target

To transmit our passion for ceramics to our customers, through unique products that bring to the habitat safety values for their quality and differentiation. Multipurpose products, and excellent in terms of design that remain durable and unalterable over time, both for its style and the strength of its materials.

Our premise is to design products that coexist with us, that add value and allow us to create unique spaces.


Our motto “Always beside you” is our raison d’être, always close to our customers.

Committed to the environment and people's wellbeing

ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications endorse our commitment to sustainability, improving environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and waste reduction.

At Undefasa, we believe in the convergence of technology and sustainability as a fundamental objective. We value the development of projects that minimize their environmental impact through technological innovation.

Sustainable Innovation for a Coherent Future. Transforming Projects with Eco-Conscious and Cutting-Edge Technology.