UNDEFASA has acquired QB UPEC certifications.

Certifications QB UPEC

The QB UPEC quality seal is a collective certification mark endorsed by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment. It ensures the safety and quality standards of products and companies in the ceramics sector that receive it. To earn this, certified materials have undergone rigorous quality controls for months.

With this seal, the suitability of UNDEFASA products for installation in all types of projects, both public and private, is assured, reinforcing our position in terms of ceramic product quality and design globally.

45x45Capitol todosCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60CapitoltodosCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60Capitol AntisliptodosCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60Olimpia BeigebeigeCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60Olimpia Antislip Beigeblanco,gris,topoCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
45x45Ottawablanco,gris,topoCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60Ottawablanco,gris,topoCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
45x45Ottawa antislipblanco,gris,topoCertificat N° 860-0.0/23
60x60Ottawa antisliipblanco,gris,topoCertificat N° 860-0.0/23