UNDEFASA technical and commercial team remains in constant contact with top sources of new trends in the world of interior design and contemporary architecture with the dual purpose of, on the one hand guarantee our customers a range of products according to current tastes and styles, and on the other to develop the necessary technical solutions to meet current needs.


Ceramic collections designed and manufactured by UNDEFASA are subject to the highest quality standards existing in the ceramic industry, and largely meet the technical requirements of the different uses for which they were created: from residential homes to commercial and public spaces.

Products remarkable for its great versatility, and qualitative and technically responsive to the high demands of a changing market.

ISO 9001

Our daily work, perseverance and our commitment to the quality of our products, has been awarded with one of the most internationally recognized certification standards, ISO 9001. This accredited certification endorses our management system based on continuous improvement and our eagerness to manufacture materials that offer the highest technical features.


Innovation in the various stages of the manufacturing process has been a constant factor in the historical evolution of UNDEFASA. Actually, it was one of the leading companies in the Spanish ceramic sector to introduce Inkjet technology, a key evolutionary step since this digital technology gives our ceramic collections the possibility of producing a huge amount of different pieces and high definition designs, which definitely encourages its aesthetic value. It also gives us the opportunity to manufacture more daring designs by allowing the impression to the edge of the clay tiles, as well as on irregular surfaces.



Each and every one of the members that are part of UNDEFASA team, regardless of position or performing work within the company, have been properly trained to help, assist and meet the requests of our customers.

In the same way, it is a fundamental pillar of our corporate strategy facilitating from the technical, logistical and commercially areas, the expedition, distribution and promotion of our products in the international markets, always in close cooperation with our distributors and agents.


At UNDEFASA, we are dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of ceramic tiles and floor coverings, applying innovation and the latest production technology to provide the most current trends in architecture and interior design. On this account, we strive to improve our quality and environmental management system with our targets. This commitment goes far beyond the limits of the applicable legislation and is based on the implementation of a continuous improvement system guaranteeing its compliance.

Due to our activity, the consumption of energy and the generation of atmospheric emissions are identified as environmental aspects. Through our environmental management system, we establish the appropriate measures to control the substantial environmental concerns.

Within our manufacturing processes, we seek to use fewer polluting products.

Our Policy shall be based on the following core principles:

1.- UNDEFASA, shall comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and with other requirements that our organization subscribes.

2.- UNDEFASA makes the protection of the environment their main priority, as well as the prevention of pollution and the minimization of consumption, waste, external noise, atmospheric emissions and dumping.

3.- UNDEFASA, shall promote the continuous improvement of processes, products and services so, that at the same time that the quality of the products delivered is improved, shall cause the least possible harmful environmental impacts and shall previously assess the repercussions of any development on those current or new impacts.

4.- UNDEFASA, shall adopt procedures to establish objectives and goals, as well as to review them and the whole policy, in order to maintain its effectiveness and adapt to eventual changes in the environment.

5.- UNDEFASA shall communicate to all their employees, including their suppliers, the environmental concerns and shall develop a training program to instill a sense of responsibility for the environment.

6.- UNDEFASA undertakes to communicate the Quality and Environment Policy to the entire Organization, including their suppliers, as well as to implement it, keep it up to date and make it available to the public.


Download the new catalog that UNDEFASA has prepared for 2022. You will discover all our new collections in wall, floor and porcelain tiles; trendy designs that create unique spaces.

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