UNDEFASA is located in the epicenter of the Spanish ceramics industry and since its birth has based its growth on the belief that each and every one of their products shall reflect the tradition and passion for quality ceramic tiles. Both values achieved after years and years of experience, effort and dedication.


UNDEFASA´s history began in 1967, at a time marked by the incipient development of the ceramic industry in the province of Castellon, helping to create the business network that we currently enjoy.

A family business that has managed to constantly evolve and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

What initially started as a small industrial adventure with the purpose of producing and supplying clay tiles for the several ceramic factories that which we already present in the market, it has finished becoming one of the companies featuring the most advanced technology for the manufacture of industrial ceramic products.

Products that by the way are marketed, distributed and enjoyed in all five continents. Currently the company also has its own offices in Madrid, Las Palmas and Zaragoza.


Our real challenge is being able to help and even inspire our customers to design and build homes and spaces in which they would like to live and work.

With that goal in mind, our mission consists of using innovation and latest technology in the manufacturing processes in order to meet the latest aesthetic trends in architecture and interior design.



Our current production plant has nothing to do with the original one, built in the decade of the 60. With an annual production capacity of 4,500,000 square meters and production facilities equipped with the latest technological advances in industrial production processes, UNDEFASA manufactures different types of ceramic products: red body ceramic tiles, white body ceramic tiles, ceramic floor tiles and porcelain tiles, to complete an extensive catalog featuring more than 150 ceramic collections, with their own decorations and complementary pieces.

Our philosophy dictates that we must maintain high quality standards in each and every phase of the production process as a quality guarantee to live up to the expectations of our customers: selection of raw materials, industrial press, digital decoration, cooking, sorting and packaging processes, together with the technical and commercial support offered to our clients.


UNDEFASA still retains the values of a traditional family business, something that extends to the relationship with our customers (many of whom have remained loyal from the beginning); on the other hand the company is also still committed to the same strong and determined export orientation that has guided its steps for over forty years of existence.

Currently, more than 70% of its production is being exported.

Our products are present in over 60 countries around the world.



Download the new catalog that UNDEFASA has prepared for 2022. You will discover all our new collections in wall, floor and porcelain tiles; trendy designs that create unique spaces.

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